Download Heartbeat Hotel’s album, Fetus Dreams

This may be a couple months late, but I’ve recently got into the Toronto psychedelic band Heartbeat Hotel. They used to be a Peterborough-based band named Mariposa, but I’m glad they’re here for us now.

In March, they released their album Fetus Dreams along with a 7″. Fetus Dreams is 10 tracks long of trippy pop-rock, but it’s really pleasant and soothing rather than the party kind of that genre. I’m really into the song “The Hello Barrell,” the melodies are so nice and water-like.

Heartbeat Hotel play a lot around the city. I always get invites to see them play Snakes + Ladders shows, but I can never make it. Hopefully one day soon I will. In fact, they play June 3 at the Piston with Boys Who Say No and more.

Download Fetus Dreams off their BandCamp. There’s other albums available for download as well.


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