Album Review: Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

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Two Door Cinema Club
Tourist History
By Jessica Lewis

It’s unfortunate when you hear a catchy album but know it won’t last. We’ve now reached the zone of “too catchy.” This Northern Ireland-based band present an uncontrollable amount of hypnotic sing-along hooks, but sooner or later you’ll break and then a year from now you’ll be saying, “oh, yeah, those guys.” Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird and Sam Halliday got some big name help for the debut album: producer Elliott James (Bloc Party) and mixer Phillipe Zadar (Phoenix, Justice). But these adrenaline-fuelled high kicks will run out of energy at some point; it gets tiring for any time that’s not a sugar-induced confetti party with bouncy friends. Vocalist Trimble isn’t bad, calling to mind Canadian pop duo Hexes & Ohs, but it’s almost as if he doesn’t catch a breath. TDCC will probably find themselves on a few soundtracks and mixes, as well as stuck in your head, but who knows how much further the hypnosis will go. (Glassnote)


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