Download a new digital 7″ from The Darcys

Credit: Aaron Miller

Toronto-based band The Darcys are slowly making a comeback by way of releasing a new digital 7″, titled House Built Around Your Voice. Great title. It’s also the name of one of the two songs, and the other song, “Edmonton to Purgatory,” is also a great title/phrase.

Besides their way with poetic keywords, the music also feels very poetic as well. It’s a mixture of soft and rough, clean and messy, slow and a bit more faster tempo. It’s something quick and small to appreciate — for a late night ending early in the morning; the end of a heavy conversation or just sitting around in your house being bored.

Their album will be out in the fall, and it’s been produced by Murray Lightburn of The Dears. There are guest spots from members of Broken Social Scene, Stars and Islands. (You can tell the influence by just listening to these songs.) If you’re not hearing about these guys around then, then clean out your ears, it might be time for that anyway.

Download the House Built Around Your Voice digital 7″, and there’s also a link to a great interview series with them on a new Toronto blog.

The Darcys will play the Horseshoe on June 3rd as a sort of release party for the 7″, way, way, later. But that’s okay.


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