Watch Born Ruffian’s new video for “What to Say”

Well, it seems like Toronto funk-pop trio Born Ruffians have figured out “What to Say” if their album is titled Say It. But until we can find out what that is on June 1 when the album comes out, we have a new video to watch and a small digital 7″/EP/2 digital songs, whatever you call it.

The video for “What to Say” was directed by Jared Raab and also features the computerized stylings of Rob Bairos. The footage was pulled from a machine called an oscilloscope, which usually shows stats or voltages on a green line. The band take the green line’s shape to the beats. They believe that having done a video like this — shooting on video, converting, then shooting on the oscilloscope — is the first use of the machine for a music video.

So, check out the video, the album’s coming soon, and the band might be coming to a town near you soon as well. (Toronto — May 28.)


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