New videos from Shad, Metric, The XX and Jill Barber

It’s been a good week for music videos. And only one of them is a new song.

Everybody’s been talkin’ about Shad this week and his new video for “Yaa I Get It.” It was an exclusive video on for a day before it hit YouTube (something my editor is very proud of. Conversation: “Hi!” “Have you seen the new Shad video?” “No.” “Well, we got the exclusive.” “Cool!”) But not just because of that — this is Shad’s return to form since The Old Prince. “Yaa I Get It” is more serious, but still has that playful edge. “The only thing I love more than rapping is napping” — yeah, me too.

Credit: Justin Broadbent

Metric was also a big hit themselves this week after the Junos, where they won for Group of the Year and Alternative Album of the Year. But I’ve also seen that everyone’s been complaining about how expensive their upcoming tour tickets are. Well, yeah, but I guess that’s what happens when a band finds their “Stadium Love.” Anyways, the video for “Gold, Guns, Girls” is here, and it  features the four of them running around New York City, from something, but we don’t know what. But they have time to stop and play their instruments, so it must not be that important.

The XX has been all over Toronto lately — playing shows and DJ sets everywhere — and yet I still manage to never see them. They’re this mysterious life form that seems to float around, soaking up all of this crazy amount of praise. Pretty much the indie cult hit of the end of 2009, this British trio cast their sleepy glow upon us once again in the video for “Islands.” It’s an interesting repetition of love and torture. I never thought I’d see the XX with dancers, but here we are.

I’d say that Jill Barber has actually been a bit off the radar lately, so it’s a good thing that her video for “All My Dreams” is here, and especially good that it is wonderfully done and pretty darn cute. Barber’s album Chances came out last year, showing off her trademark old style and voice. In this video, Barber goes to see a romantic film. She loves it so much that she goes again, and ends up in it. But don’t worry, there’s no kissing … I wonder what Grant Lawrence’s (her fiancee, a host on CBC Radio 3) thinks of the romantic video protocol?


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