Download the new Minus the Bear song, “My Time”

Seattle band Minus the Bear will probably always transport me back to a time of high school and summer parties just for that song “Puchaca Sunrise.”

They’ve been in and out of industry focus for quite some time, and it looks like their new album, Omni, will put them right back at the forefront.

The album will be out on May 4, but will be available to stream in full on Monday, April 19. I will provide an updated link when the time comes. But for now, you can download the first single, “My Time,” for free. It’s a bit more pop than what they’ve done in the past, which might be because they’ve got a new Grammy-winning producer on hand, Joe Chiccarelli. The song is darkly provocative in lyrics, but with a pulse that will fuel one happy sunny day bike ride. Or hopscotch game. You get the picture.

The band will play Buffalo’s Town Ballroom on April 29, which appears to be the closest date to Toronto at this point. I’m sure all the people I hung around with in high school will probably be happy to see them again.


One thought on “Download the new Minus the Bear song, “My Time”

  1. I was all geared up to play this on my show last night and then totally forgot in the stress of not having planned a single second of the entire thing. Ah well. Next week!

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