The Mountains & the Trees releases three hints about new album on CBC blog

Credit: Jillian Freeman/Jon Janes

So the very sweet Newfoundlander Jon Janes, who goes musically (mainly, he’s also in another band or two?) by The Mountains & the Trees decided to release three hints about his upcoming debut full-length on the CBC Radio 3 blog.

“Why here?  I ❤ Radio 3 and I ❤ this blog and I ❤ everybody that participates, so this is my small way of giving back,” he wrote.

First hint: The album will be titled I Made This for You.

Second hint: It will be released on June 29th, with a show at LSPU Hall in St. John’s. Then Janes will embark on a Canadian tour. However, Janes will be in the UK in May and in Toronto for North by Northeast in June and on both of those tours, fans will be able to buy the album from him. Lucky lucky lucky!

Third hint: It’s a doozy! Janes announced the artwork, the tracklisting and the dawn of a new website. So here you go:

See also: Back cover and full artwork.

And now for the tracklist of I Made This for You:

1. Fear Of Ghosts
2. More & More & More
3. Crossing Crows
4. Goodbye Little Town
5. Travellin’ Song
6.  Minimum Wage Lovers
7. Up & Down
8. Sun’s Low
9. Wedding Song
10. Make Amends
11. The Times

And for the website, go to

Janes is currently hosting a tiny contest to get a copy of his EP Hop, Skip & a Jump as well as the new album over on the blog, so I suggest you be speedy if you want it!


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