Download new Shout Out Louds and Penguin Prison songs

RCRD LBL is a great source for new music, if you didn’t know that already. Free songs come right to your inbox almost every day. They’re pretty hit-or-miss, but usually it’s a hit. This week, I want you to dance to two specific songs. Boogey away, readers!

Passion Pit has released a remix of Shout Out Louds‘ “Fall Hard.” It’s a huge improvement from their Lady Gaga remix (horrid). It’s put my faith back in these bands. It will make you twist and turn to great African-sounding drum beats and then it’s almost like once again, you’re in the back of your friend’s car singing along, just like you did last night. But this isn’t the usual anthem, it does require being able to speak for itself, so hush, dears.

Download it here.

Penguin Prison (who totally looks like Morrissey if you don’t look too close to your computer screen) also has an interesting dance groove, called “Something I’m Not.” This song basically sounds as if Justin Timberlake had dropped some of his main stage cred and made friends with a electronica producer. It’s got more emotion any JT song could truthfully have, though.

Download it here.


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