Top Tweets from Canadian music journalists during the Olympic closing ceremonies

Let’s face it. Last night’s closing ceremonies was a complete fiasco and embarrassment to Canada. Now the rest of the world is going to think we live in some imaginary souvenir shop and still treasure our pop acts of the purposely-forgotten past.

I tried to live tweet during the ceremonies, but most of it was just me being shocked at every single person that showed up. Neil Young, William Shatner, Nickelback, Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, Hedley, the list goes on. But I think a lot of Canadian music journalists did a great job live tweeting as well and offered a lot of wit. So here’s a compilation of the best tweets. (You can see my tweets here.)


“There’s so much great music in this country. Why are we listening to this crap?”

“Dear World — I would like to do the very Canadian thing and apologize for the one-two punch of Nickelback and Avril. Sorry about that.”


“I didn’t see the closing ceremonies, but is it true that we had both giant inflatable beavers AND Alanis Morrissette? Kind of redundant, no?”


“I totally want to punch someone right now. CANADIAN RAGE!!”

“Wait, why am I torturing myself watching this? WHY? Because it’s the polite thing to do?”

“Oh, goodie, the ‘making fun of ourselves’ portion of the show is finally over.”

“CTV: “See you in London” Oh HELL NO! Give the Olympics back to CBC, please!”


“the phrase “giant inflatable beavers” is trending. i love you, canada.”


“Nikki Yanofsky and Eva Avila win gold medals in lip-synching”

“Hey Alanis, we want you to play a slow song no one knows because by 10:39, we’ll all need to go to the bathroom and/or get a hot dog.”

“I think NBC cut off this shit-show at 10:30pm as part of some US national security measure”


“The athletes look a little mortified, frankly.”

“What? This is so tone-deaf …”


“First Neil then Captain Kirk! TJ Hooker! Priceline dude!”

“And to think they kept all this a secret during rehearsals….”


“Michael Buble in a Mountie outfit just totally killed my mojo”

“Nickelback and Avril are part of the “let’s mock our country” theme, right?”

“WHY ARE SIMPLE PLAN PLAYING??!!! I’m out. This is embarrassing”


“Someone call me when Rush comes on. I’m done.”


3 thoughts on “Top Tweets from Canadian music journalists during the Olympic closing ceremonies

  1. I won’t judge the closing ceremony as I didn’t see it. However, one comment. All music has its merits. There is no bad music. If music is considered “Bad” it is considered bad due to an individual’s opinion. As we know, one person’s bad may be another persons gold. In the end Nickelback has sold quite well worldwide so I’m not surprised they would be representing Canada.

    Although I have to admit I was sad that a Men Without Hats reunion for a 2010 rendition of Pop Goes The World for the closing ceremonies did not happen.

    • This blog entry does show these individual opinions. It shows that there were a lot of people who think that our country has amazing music, but to be represented by brand name bands (who, yes do make a lot of money, because yes, people like them) seemed stale.

      We have amazing bands that though they are less popular, could probably have reached the audiences better. During the ceremony when they would show the athletes in the middle, often they just kind of stood there looking confused. The only teams I saw really dancing were Japan and Australia.

  2. The comments were spot-on, I think. And yeah, there is bad music. It was all corralled there last night as part of the Vancouver 2002 Olympics.

    But If music taste is subjective and so many people hated it, then that’s their perogative, along with the 14 billion people who for whatever misguided reason like that stuff.

    3.5billion people would not have preferred Woodhands, Tegan and Sara, Rural Alberta Advantage, Kid Koala, Arcade Fire, Joel Plaskett, Crystal Castles, Owen Pallet, Sex With Strangers or whatever…only those of us with taste (or who read Paste, ha ha) woulda.

    Did the Closing Ceremonies music choices suck arse? Absolutely. Was it meant to appeal to us? Absolutely not. It was meant to appeal to a mostly American/partially international, mainstream, multi-generational TV-watching audience.

    Would we have been okay with Rush (shudder, but Neil Peart’s amazing) or The Hip (shudder, but we’ve all sung Blow at High Dough) or Sloan (that one I’d love)? Probably.

    But yer can’t please everyone all of the time – that’s what the Grammies are for, and we all know how we feel about those, right?

    I’m embarrassed about the bands they chose but that’s why I’ll continue to support all the other good bands out there.

    Bottom line: I liked the inflatable beavers.

    And the rest of the Olympics was pretty okay too.

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