Download the new Casiokids song “Finn Bikkjen!”

Are you looking for some bright electro-pop these days? Here’s your antidote: Norway’s newest export to the U.S. — Casiokids.

Today it was announced that they have signed to Polyvinyl and will be releasing an album titled Topp stemning pa lokal bar, which apparently is translated into “Great Vibe at Local Bar.” Sounds good to me. The album will be released on June 8. Polyvinyl wrote on their website that this will be the first Norwegian-language pop music to be released in the U.S., which is a strange fact that I’m not 100% sold on, but still interesting.

“Finn Bikkjen!” is a rainbow of sonic hand claps and sparkling notes. It feels a lot like Australian popsters Architecture in Helsinki, but without the warbled vocals and with the fact that it’s in Norwegian. It sounds like a dance track that all the indie ravers will be into (or you know, probably have been for a long time already somehow). It’s definitely worth a remix, but already feels like one on its own.

Want more proof about why Casiokids are awesome? Well, they’ve done a Kindergarten tour. They have live shows with shadow puppets, video projections and animal costumes. They’ve played with Hot Chip.

You can download “Finn Bikkjen!” here.

Watch the video for “En Vill Hest,” which features apocolyptic TV visuals, bubbling-up cereal, a glowing crystal, a really skinny indie boy dancing in front of a mirror, African samples and so much more:


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