Album Review: Kasper Bjorke – Standing On Top of Utopia

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Kasper Bjørke
Standing On Top of Utopia
By Jessica Lewis

This intriguing and stimulating sophomore release from this Danish producer/DJ is definitely one that should get big in North America. Bjørke employs a handful of Danish singers (Louise Foo, the sister to Sharin of the Ravonettes, and Jacob Bellens), instrumentalists Davide Rossi (Coldplay, Goldfrapp), Jon Atli Helgason, Anders Christopherson and U.S. musicians Kap10Kurt and Dominique Keegan. Bjørke wrote or produced most of the ten songs. Bellens and Foo sing on two songs each, and the latter even sings a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Heaven.” Bjørke likes to explore where his beats go while letting the singers or musicians add their touches. They even bring different essences: Foo is dark and sultry; Bellens is excitable. And when it’s just Bjørke at the reins, like in the Alf planet-based “Melmac,” you can tell he just wants to make you dance and not focus on a singer. (HFN)


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