Event Review: Treat Me Like Dirt at Soundscapes

Ladouceur, Worth, Naughton, Zero, Wawanash

Ladouceur, Worth, Naughton, Zero, Wawanash

So, you all got a kick out of my experience at the first Treat Me Like Dirt event (well, the first I went to), yeah? I couldn’t handle all the old punksters, apparently. While that event was kind of confused and awkward, it wasn’t terrible, I was just misled on what I was going to see.

So I went to see Liz Worth talk about the book some more at Soundscapes. It was a panel moderated by another great Canadian music journalist, Liisa Ladouceur. They had three women who were key partakers in the Toronto punk scene: Suzanne Naughton, a filmmaker (we also watched her film, which was really interesting but too long for a standing book event), “Zero,” who was in a band and operated a speakeasy and Sheila Wawanash, who was an editor and writer for now-defunct Shades magazine.

The event was pretty simple, just talking about the old days again, and how it couldn’t happen now. They did have a few really interesting topics that they talked about, but I can’t really recall now. I still haven’t finished the book, but I did get to the part where apparently bands in Toronto had to be unionized to play at that time, and if they weren’t, they weren’t allowed to play anywhere at all, thus = poorer than all the little bands out there are poor today (unless they had jobs.)

Anyway, this time I’ll let a video speak for the event. This is towards the end of the panel, when they were talking about how Liz chose to end the book and how the scene ended:


One thought on “Event Review: Treat Me Like Dirt at Soundscapes

  1. The event was great fun, I had a really good time. All the old farts went out to dinner afterwards and did a lot of laughing.
    I agree that AAWTVANR (An Afternoon with the Viletones at New Rose) was too long for a standing even. I think the only reason I was asked to bring it along is because there is only one copy so it is rarely seen.
    Thanks for the write-up.
    Suzanne Naughton

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