Album Review: Yukon Blonde – Yukon Blonde

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Photo by Alex Cairncross

Yukon Blonde
Yukon Blonde
By Jessica Lewis

There’s this feeling you get when you see a band live: you’re singing along, you’re in your own blissful space and this sensation hits you in the chest with such force that it rushes out of every limb. It’s continual, or a warm settling. Vancouver, BC’s Yukon Blonde demonstrate this experience perfectly on the album. They channel early rock’n’roll vocal patterns while filling in instrumentation everywhere else. The trio are so happy just to be singing, so much so that they are almost one in “Kumiko Song” and “Wind Blows.” Of course, this often applies to most bands, but when was the last time you felt such passion in an album? Yukon Blonde are easygoing but incredibly organized. The guitars, bass, keyboards and drums feel light, carefree and sometimes groovy. This album doesn’t break any huge barriers, but that said, it’s enjoyable, fulfilling and live show-invoking. (Bumstead)


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