Listen to new Woodhands “Z-Side” – “P’iss”

Here’s your top satisfaction for the day: “P’iss.” Not your usual experience. Woodhands went even crazier than we thought and recorded a “Z-Side” for us for free which samples Kanye West outbursts and boasts the fact that Paul Banwatt raps and Dan Werb really loves rap (he told me during our Exclaim interview he would never, ever, rap) so he just yells, swears and sings around it. If you don’t get it by the end of the song, Woodhands ain’t happy with Pitchfork (or just trying to get their attention).

Anyways, for your amusement, download the song at this link:

I love the part when Werb screams, “What do you BELIEVE to be the future of pop music?!” So… what do you think?


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