Hear new songs by Sylvie Smith, Billy Fong & the Station Agents and The Pinecones

Every once in a while I peruse the new artists on CBC Radio 3’s website. This week, I want to share some good tunes that will let you have a sweet sweet Sunday afternoon.

Sylvie Smith — “On Our Own”

Sylvie is a member of bands The Magic and Evening Hymns. This is one of her solo tracks, and it’s a sad and gorgeous tune. Her voice sounds like a familiar old soul, and the music that wraps itself around her is like a quilt that holds many secrets.

Billy Fong & the Station Agents — “Fire by the Night”

Billy’s a new acquaintance of mine.. I worked with his girlfriend over the summer at Transcon. This band has already had its heyday out in the East a few years ago, but it appears Billy and his friend are looking for a new member to give the band a new life here in Toronto. The song is fun, plays with power chords and would make for a good party mix.

The Pinecones — “Sage”

Ah, the newly christined Pinecones (formerly known as Brent Randal & the Pinecones). I looove the guitars in this song, they wail, they croon. Brent’s vocals are fun and remind me of Kevin Barnes a little… even John Lennon a little (cough). This is the title track to their recently released album, and they live in Toronto now.. so I’m excited to hopefully see more from these guys in the future.


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