Album Review: Postdata – Postdata

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By Jessica Lewis

When side-projects from singers in bands sound too similar to their main squeeze, the result is usually discomforting. But as Paul Murphy from Wintersleep has found out on his slapped-together first solo album, it’s changing up the soundscape that works best, rather than forcing his voice into a different context. Murphy has gone back to his darker folk roots, which resonated on early Wintersleep albums, but keeps it low-key with only a few soft guitars and banjos here. Murphy enlisted his brother for help during two weekends in 2008, with performing and producing. Postdata is what they made of it; it’s simple and contemplative. It’s as if Murphy is singing to himself while out walking in a forest or other wide space. At times, the music isn’t as captivating as the rest. But, really, that just brings the listener in on Murphy’s secrets. (EMI)


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