Album Review: Anya Marina – Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II

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Anya Marina
Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II
By Jessica Lewis

Marina gets one thing right in the album title: seduction. Not slow and steady but quick and in bursts, this album is where she gets into a guitar-led groove. Marina is fun loving and entertaining the entire time. It sounds like it would make a fantastic live album, doubly so if she roped in the contributing musicians, such as Spoon front-man Britt Daniel (“Drop Dead Blues”). Marina’s sunny, high voice and acoustic guitar have landed her on many a television soundtrack so far, as well as the Twilight: New Moon one, and she’s only just revving up the seduction. Daniel produced two tracks, but provided the first legs to the album when he sent loops to what became five of the songs. Brian Karscig (of Louis XIV) produced the ten songs Daniel didn’t. Their influence is definitely heavy on Marina, but it’s what the songstress does with it that makes a talented impact. (Chop Shop)


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