Album Review: Port O’Brien – Threadbare

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Port O’Brien
By Jessica Lewis

Here’s another one to add to your chill-out play-list. Californians Cambria Goodwin and Van Pierszalowski emerged as a simple bedroom recording project, and that fact is evident in Threadbare. Mid-tempo, ghostlike vocals adorn an album that represents a time of loss and getting back on one’s feet. It’s one of those records that brings you back down to earth. Songs such as “My Will is Good,” “Oslo Campfire” and “In the Meantime” glow with personal growth, but sadness sets in later. The acoustic guitar is their weapon of choice, but percussion via shakers and bells is also key to the experience. Goodwin’s voice is chilling, and her hums fly through the album, while Pierszalowski effortlessly provides support. Since inception, they’ve added a few more instrumental members. Violins on “Tree Bones” and the humble sound effects on “Threadbare” provide comfort. (TBD)


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