Album Review: The Seedy Seeds – Count the Days

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The Seedy Seeds
Count the Days
By Jessica Lewis

This sophomore release from this Cincinnati, OH-based band is incredibly optimistic and often catchy. The band are made up of two males and one female, with a flare for computer-generated snares and the banjo. When Margaret Darling leads a song, they tend to use beats that sound like they are waiting for a helicopter to lift off, whereas when Mike Ingram leads, things slow down. This album is a proud effort and songs such as opener “Winter 04” and the calmer “Losing Light” showcase their collective talents, and many interesting instruments, but they would be better served bulking up their folk background and toning down the obvious electronic percussion. Keeping the pace fun and light is effective, but the banjo and drum machine need to work harmoniously. They do so to the brim in “The Push.” But what comes after “The Push” is ultimately a shove. (Eurodorable)


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