New writing on – short profile on Said the Whale

Hey readers! If you’ve been wondering what’s been going on with me lately, well I’ll tell you. I’m currently working on the Ryerson Review of Journalism full-time in school where I am putting together two feature articles, blog posts and filling my role as the Spring masthead’s Visuals Editor. Besides this, in the past month I’ve helped move over to their soon-to-be-launched new site, write an article about female music journalists for the Winter issue of McClungs magazine, write an article about Le Cyc for the latest issue of Broken Pencil and another one about something else in the upcoming issue and finally write tons of reviews and do some interviews for Exclaim!.

That sounds like a lot, right? Yeah… but hey, I’ve taken on something new! I now have writing up on, which is a music website across the world run by AOL.

My first article is a short profile piece on that cute band I keep talking about from Vancouver, Said the Whale. Please do check it out! Here’s a taste for you:

Vancouver pop-rockers Said the Whale might be named after the large mammals that cruise up and down the West Coast but their music has been indelibly shaped by the entire country.
Their recently-released sophomore album, ‘Islands Disappear,’ is a musical reflection on Canada, following a Vancouver-inspired debut marked by intensely moving songs about sailing in ‘Howe Sounds’ and losing a loved one in the same waters in ‘Curse of the Currents.’

“The first was Vancouver because it was where we had been during writing,” singer/guitarist Tyler Bancroft tells Spinner. “This one, we’ve been on the road for two years, six cross-Canada tours, so we’re influenced by lots of Canada now.”

Read the rest of the article here!

I really do miss updating this blog as often as I did over the summer. It will be back and running in the future … just not for a while, so I at least hope you’re enjoying yourself here on RoundLetters with my clippings!


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