Album Review: The Dudes – Blood Guts Bruises Cuts

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The Dudes
Blood Guts Bruises Cuts
By Jessica Lewis

This title has proved to be incredibly bad luck for the Calgarian band in the recent past, as they’ve suffered numerous bike-related injuries, which even had a couple members in the hospital. They’re blaming the title, obviously, but it’s in good musical taste to argue that, hey, rock’n’roll is tough, and if anybody can get through it to record another solid album, it will be these Dudes. Even though songs like “Girl Police” and “Pretty Lies” are more than suited for radio airplay, they’re in good taste. Vocalist/guitarist Dan Vacon brings a twang of soulful blues to the rock powerhouse of Bob Quaschnick, Brady Kirchner and lively drummer Scott Ross. Vacon’s conversational tones in songs like “Ghosts We’re Buried On” bring the band back down from radio to local bar level, but they prove they can bring the party wherever they go no matter how damaging it might be to them in the long run. (Load)


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