Album Review: Honest I’s – Anatomy of Lightbulbs

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Honest I’s
Anatomy of Lightbulbs

By Jessica Lewis

This six-song EP introduces the Toronto, ON band with quite the hearty shake. Crafted in 2008, when they were a trio, these songs flow together perfectly for a few reasons. Front-man Stephen Cornwell’s throaty baritone, matched by the dark night experiences in the lyrics, makes for any literary fan’s favourite Halloween, especially via the repetition of introductory words in almost every song, such as in “Young.” This track is a great representation of the album, as Cornwell’s fluttering fingertips on the piano, the swift drumming of Owen Lewis and Joshua Arsenio‘s guitar chords are worthy of putting any song rightfully in its setting. The addition of bassist David Clark is sure to amp up the experience, especially on the eerie songs about wolves, “Wristwatches” and “Rise.” It might take a couple listens to get used to their tones but Honest I’s prove that it’s important to have a band like them amidst all the candy-coated chaos these days. (Independent)


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