Album Review: Rubik – Dada Bandits

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Dada Bandits
By Jessica Lewis

On Dada Bandits, Rubik sing like every song is the end, so they have to make it the most epic, tripped-out explosion whether it’s a big bang or a sedated revelation. It works for these Finnish lads ― their ever-changing tempos lead to more and more excitement; it’s like a surprise is behind every corner. From the album opener (the ridiculously colourful “Goji Berries”) to the slowed down piano song, “Wasteland,” and back to the jazz/techno/salsa/gothic/pop (and then some) combustion of “Indiana,” Rubik prove they’ve got a wide variety of tricks up their sleeves. It’s intriguing, as they run through almost every reference or genre you can think of before it gets too complicated. They incorporate humour (i.e., “Richard Branson‘s Crash Landing”) and passion into undeniable talent. Even though they jam so much into each song, it’s not an ugly mess. Dada Bandits is one of those experimental albums that keep balanced in its self-inflicted swirl. (Fullsteam)


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