Album Review: Jesse Matheson – Pleasure Pounds


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Jesse Matheson
Pleasure Pounds
By Jessica Lewis

Jesse Matheson takes debut album Pleasure Pounds into “without a care” territory. Acting as the class clown who all the girls still swoon over and all the guys still secretly want to be best friends with, it’s no shock that he boasts a list of about 12 guests on the album. As he strums his friendly guitar while singing in his bedroom voice, the backup musicians “coo,” clap and practically caress. By combining two hefty indulgences — sex and food — Matheson has made quite the guilty pleasure. Girls (or one very interesting girl) take over these two topics; whether he’s singing about a girl who got a new booty from eating too much of grandma’s cooking or a girl that likes to do it in the local graveyard, he’s still that guy in the class that all of the girls will admire. No matter how much his antics might make you blush, his easy-living appeal and charm will always bring you back. (Copperspine)


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