Album Review: Burn Planetarium – self titled

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Burn Planetarium
Burn Planetarium
By Jessica Lewis

When it’s possible to listen to a band that undeniably sound like others (in this case, Burn Planetarium find themselves saddling up to Born Ruffians, Tokyo Police Club and Mardeen) and still enjoy them for their merits, that’s a good sign. But if you’re on the fence, it might just be that one little push from the band on their MySpace that says, “Influences: If you can’t tell, we’re not plagiarizing hard enough” that pushes you over to the side of smirks and nods. This Guelph, ON five-piece, also often noticed for their cheeky baby faces, yelping harmonies and fun see-saw bass lines, have produced a solid effort with this five-song collection of young yet still more mature than your university roommate pop. Sure to be hit “Death! Death! Death!” is easily the most outstanding song on the album but “Chimney Sweep” and hidden track “We Shall Meet Our End (By Means of a Boy and His Magnifying Glass)” are close runner ups. (Hi-Hat)


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