Album Review: Gliss’ Devotion Implosion

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Devotion Implosion
By Jessica Lewis

Belonging to a genre that could be described as “they grew up in California but their music sounds like it belongs in England,” Gliss’s debut album, Devotion Implosion, ranks up there with past tour-mates Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Smashing Pumpkins. In an explosive 43- minute trek, this trio don’t get tired of lo-fi, fuzzy guitars and bass, heavy synths, distant drums and sleazy girl-guy harmonies. The album’s core resides closer to its beginning. “29 Acts of Love” establishes itself as the closest the album will get to anything jagged and dance-worthy. “Sleep,” the five-minute-long, shoulder-swaying, slower cousin to BRMC’s “Stop” and “Took Out a Loan” casts a hazy glow, and “Beauty” has a melody fit for a dusty road trip. The rest of the album sits in a daze — they want to blow out your monitors, or headphones, but slowly. This is an affective rock heart attack in its most unmerciful yet pleasing textures. (Cordless)


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