RoundLetters is taking the weekend off

It’s actually been hard telling myself I can’t update this blog this coming weekend. Seriously.

I’ll be having a speedy weekend in Florida, my cousin is getting married! It’s about 33C there, but I just checked and it says thunderstorms for every day. Sorry, cousin, I’m apparently bringing Toronto with me….

Anyways, music lovers, have a great weekend! And if you’re taking the weekend off (or just wishing you were), you should take a few minutes and take the What’s your cottage’s style quiz I made at work for Canadian Home and Country! That aughta brighten something up…. right?

Regular posts will resume hopefully around next Wednesday or Thursday. If you do something great or see something awesome in the music world this weekend, post it in the comments!

P.S. What do you think of the new RoundLetters banner on the site?


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