Indie music soundtracks: A look at the pleasing and the strange

Recently, there has been news fluttering around two very hyped up soundtracks. There’s the quirky comic-turned-Michael Cera-comedy Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World and then there’s the movie series I still refuse to have anything to do with (other than this blog post, pretty much), Twilight, with their upcoming installment New Moon.

But here’s my deal, and this has nothing to do with my prejudice against Twilight (okay, maybe just a little, but I’m here for the music): Scott Pilgrim is getting lucky and Twilight is causing a hail storm in the alternative music communities, but mainly only of confusion.

Photo by Edgar Wright

Photo by Edgar Wright

Scott Pilgrim’s team has announced recently (funnily enough by a later-mentioned band’s producer) the inclusion of Broken Social Scene, Metric and even Beck to their soundtrack and possibly even the movie. The comic featured other noteworthy bands such as Sloan, Joel Plaskett and Neko Case, all bands which any fan would hope to see in the movie as well (although filming wraps sometime next week, so – I call for edits!). Pretty good roster for something that started out small and Canadian, right? Although, with actors like Cera, Jason Schwartzman and Kieran Culkin on the roster, American main stream will slowly pour in soon.

new moon

And then we have the reverse affect, something so warped these days that only dogs can hear the teenaged high screams: Twilight. Last week, news stories of rumors about the New Moon soundtrack started to pop up, and this week there was one important one confirmed: Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke has crossed over to what many would call the dark side  to create just one measely song for the new film (rather than oddly lending “15 Step” to the credits. Also confirmed for an original song was Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon, who in other news will also be performing a Charlie Chaplin film score with collaborator Chris Rosenau. They certainly strayed away from the idea that I had developed of such a movie using bands like the Jonas Brothers.

We aren’t in the days of Garden State or High Fidelity anymore. Movies need to be on top of what is “underground” in order to get the hottest playlist. Where Scott Pilgrim works mainly from its text and Canadian bands totally willing to help out, Twilight obviously can’t do that as there, I assume, aren’t any musical nods in the books. They want to get the big names, and the big names want a paycheck. Or do you think Yorke really does love the story of a young confused girl and her vampire? He must think it’s sweet.

So, what do you support? The Toronto-made Scott Pilgrim or the popular Twilight series? Why? What are some of your favourite soundtracks?


3 thoughts on “Indie music soundtracks: A look at the pleasing and the strange

  1. Best soundtrack of life right now is from the film (500) Days of Summer. I am so in love. I also still am head over heels for Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

  2. This is like Gossip Girl using Everything Popular on their soundtrack!

    yeah. I dunno. I tend to separate soundtrack from film a lot of the time… ie. hated Quantum of Solace, but MAN that opening scene with the Jack White/Alicia Keys was rad. I think musicians aren’t necessarily doing it for the money grab, but maybe because it’s a (rather flattering) way of getting their music “out there”? Especially when the producers or whoever are actively seeking you out… it’s probably an offer they can’t refuse.

  3. This is pretty interesting.

    I’m surprised Twilight scored such big names, I figured they would stick with Paramore who wrote 2 originals for the last soundtrack and is planning on doing more for Newmoon. But they did get Muse and Mutemath on the first one too.

    I wonder if tweens even know the acts that are lined up, Paramore seems like a great fit because that’s the market they’re geared to.

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