Take a Look: We Were Promised Jetpacks

Are you a big fan of the emerging Edinburgh or Glasgow scene that follows in the footsteps of Franz Ferdinand? We’re talking Frightened Rabbit, The Twilight Sad and now We Were Promised Jetpacks.

Photo by Neil Thomas Douglas

Photo by Neil Thomas Douglas

A lot seems to be riding on this young four-piece who formed in Edinburgh but now reside in Glasgow, Scotland. They’ve been together and performing around the UK since they won a high school Battle of the Bands contest in 2003, but it isn’t until now that they’re releasing the heavily-anticipated full-length debut. Since their inception, they’ve been riding under the wing of another recently popular Frightened Rabbit, as well as gaining radio play.

In this album, WWPJ create an emotional, bass-laden atmosphere that’s like a night’s swirling soul-search to life. It’s catchy, exciting and lonely at the same time, but they stop short of emo. “Roll Up Your Sleeves” is an endearing and modest tune during which vocalist Adam Thompson sings in a back-and-forth of calm and eagerly driven. “Quiet Little Voices” will wake you up from your longing day dream and coax you to live it out. This album is strong for its down-to-earth ‘we know how you feel’ mentality, anxious riffs and suspicious plots. WWPJ’s jumpy rhythms call to mind other UK hotshots Arctic Monkeys and the Wombats such as in “Moving Clocks Run Slow.”

No wonder they make beautiful music, they come from such a beautiful place. I had the chance to visit Edinburgh in March, and it was a fantastic trip.


I’ve got more Scotland (and other European) pictures from my trip updated on my Flickr!


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