Polaris short-listers Metric experience weird things at Stonehenge

In liu of a new series of Polaris blog entries I’ll be doing (slightly in order to avoid discussing my opinion until I’m good and ready), here’s today’s entry, all about Metric, one of the most talked-about nominees so far.

CBC Radio 3 reported yesterday that the Metric gang was on their way back from the Glastonbury Festival when they stopped at Stonehenge. They realized it was closed and forlornly looked through the fence until they recognized ‘rock icons’ Spinal Tap.

Emily Haines wrote on their site:

“We were all settling in for an uneventful ride when our driver suddenly exploded with excitement. Gesturing madly to the left of the highway and veering dangerously off the main road he shouted “STOOOOONEHEEEEEEENGE”, swerved and made a sharp turn onto a bumpy dirt road full of craters. Showering the camped out hippies in dust, he tore down the road toward that famously perplexing collection of rocks. We screeched to a halt at the entrance and piled out like a bunch of fucked up clowns only to discover that Stonehenge was….CLOSED! We were staring at the stones through the fence and halfheartedly watching various generic families wander toward their cars when Joules said the words we will remember forever:  “Um, guys, that’s…Spinal Tap!””

And there you have it. Metric has made it clear they all have way more fun than the rest of us do.

BUT I did get to see Stonehenge in January after I moved to London for a few months. So… ha!

londonjan13 172
Now, I didn’t see any rock stars that I know of, but I did see this guy! He obviously didn’t think I was a rock star either…



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