Album Review: Tiny Masters of Today – “Skeletons”

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Tiny Masters of Today
By Jessica Lewis

These days, we are seeing more and more teenage bands coming into the music industry with their talent already developed. Even if we’re jealous it’s still impressive to see how great they are at such a young age, and how great they can become. Thus is the case for siblings Ivan and Ada, 15 and 13, respectively. Skeletons is their second full-length album, written and produced themselves on their home computer using Garageband. With drumming done by friend Jackson Pollis and a little bit of polishing by the big guys, this album is packed with a strong one-two punch of anti-establishment sentiments, especially on tracks “Two Dead Soldiers” and “Big Stick.” But the most impressive factor is the almost ironic amount of self-awareness. They know they’re young, they know David Bowie likes them but all they want to do is rock. It’s good they keep a playful side to their songs, as in “Pop Chart,” “Monkey in the Middle” and “Abercrombie Zombie.” Ivan creates the feedback-heavy tones on guitar and bass as an atmospheric background for sister Ada’s Jekyll and Hyde-like voice of cute or scarily come-hither. With this in mind and with most of the songs featuring smart lyrics, these two are already comparable to the Kills or LCD Soundsystem. (Mute)

Photo by Craz11.


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