RSS Reads for June 16-30

In honour of Canada Day and Independence Day, I’m bringing you tons of music news! Happy birthday Most Of North America!

Canadian Music Goodies:

Zeus, photo by Chris Marshall

Zeus, photo by Chris Marshall

Paul McCartney has asked Joel Plaskett and Wintersleep to play for him in Halifax. So wishing I could go!

Arcade Fire are working on their new album, and it may be out soon.

Zeus have announced a July residency at the Dakota Tavern – be sure to check them out with Bahamas, Gentleman Reg and The Golden Dogs.

The Dirty Projectors were on their way to Toronto when they were involved in a serious car crash. Fortunately, they’re all okay, and this blogger is crossing her fingers that when they come back to Toronto, they’ll play somewhere bigger so she can get a ticket in time!

Buck 65 made three new albums, and you can download them all for free.

Ellen Page decided to cover Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”….

Exclaim! have come out with a report card – if you’re a band and want to know if you can cut it in the biz, turn to this mag for your answers.

In a strange and not-thought-out move, Metric have bashed big bands at Glastonbury because they feel they’re only in it to make money. Yes, that’s true, but it’s hard for me to really listen after you just made a huge stadium album and went all big on the charts.

American Music Goodies:

Spoon, photo by Stephanie Black

Spoon, photo by Stephanie Black

Spoon just released a last minute (announced) EP.

NPR take a peak into the workings of the Monsters of Folk.

And to go hand-in-hand with that news bit, My Morning Jacket are taking a hiatus.

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard about the woman who was ordered to pay almost $2 million US for downloading 24 songs.

Trent Reznor has admitted how much he loves Grizzly Bear. Success for the indie world!

In a hilariously ironic move, Amazon accidentally offered 30 albums including by Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen and Lily Allen for just 29 pence (British) – that’s about a buck each.

Recently fans at Glastonbury were kicked out with the Swine Flu, there was also a dead body found on the Bonnaroo site.

Old people are critiquing Fiery Furnaces, Wilco and more.

Andrew Bird is going on a mega tour with the likes of St. Vincent, Blue Roses, Death Cab, Decemberists and Ra Ra Riot.

British Music Goodies:

Kate Nash, photo by Clare Nash

Kate Nash, photo by Clare Nash

Yes people are getting caught for illegal downloading, but at least the music biz is still attempting to keep up with a downloading deal.

Phil Spector requested an iPod in prison. Hey, how bad could that be?

Kate Nash has made a power pop team in Metronomy.

Antony and the Johnsons are covering Beyonce. And all hell breaks loose.

Mark Ronson’s latest project is Sean Lennon.

Further proving their insanity, the British people had a boy trade an iPod for a tape player.

Other European Music Goodies:

Jens Lenkman, photo by Erica Kahr

Jens Lenkman, photo by Erica Kahr

A French artist is doing something really awesome with a Rubik’s Cube.

Poor Jens Lenkman has caught the Swine Flu!

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