Take a Look: My Sad Captains

I saw My Sad Captains a few months ago when I covered the show for SPINEarth. They opened for Hefner ex-front man Darren Hayman, but in my opinion these guys totally stole the show out from Hayman’s snooty feet.


Things have progressed since I saw them at the Lexington in London in January. Their album Here and Elsewhere is out, they have more tour dates around England and they’re getting play on the BBC. Great news for a little British band that sound a lot like a band that belongs in Canada.

They’ve played with Frightened Rabbit, Michachu, Loney Dear, Broken Family Band and more.

They seem to like playing at the Lexington. It’s a whiskey bar in Islington with the bar on the bottom half and the concert hall on top with a very narrow staircase leading to it. It usually turns into a club after the show is over. I remember when I saw them there I had a very teengirl moment when I noticed Lily Loveless in the crowd looking somber. She’s from the new series of Skins. It was like when I see Degrassi characters around Toronto. Hilarity.

Anyways, My Sad Captains has a song called “Great Expectations” which sounds sooo smack on to Dog Day. No wonder why I like them. Go listen on their MySpace. It’s still strange – there’s something in the recipe of their music that makes them sound so Canadian. I can’t figure it out yet but I love it. I hope they come over soon, as this country needs to witness them!

Watch “All Hat and No Plans” from the Lexington in London.

Watch my SPIN Earth report on My Sad Captains with Darren Hayman.


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