Looking back on North by Northeast

Overall, North By Northeast wasn’t a bad festival this year. I saw some really amazing bands and especially have become a big fan for a few of them if I wasn’t already. The festival didn’t have as good as a lineup as anyone really hoped, but we all found gems in the middle of it. I made do with what I had in time and interests.

NXNE 022

I had a great time and I wish it lasted longer or at least didn’t end so abruptly. I was sitting on the streetcar going home on Saturday night thinking “hm… I should have milked it a little more.” But that’s okay. No bands that I saw did bad at all, but I’m sorry that I can’t give a perfect review to everyone, and I’m sorry if any band feels bad about the report card I gave them. But I’m standing my ground on my opinion towards their music, this is my job. I love music, but if I see there’s a way it can be a smidgeon better, I’ll tell you. The creativity I’ve seen this weekend and the fun and smiles it creates is enough inspiration to keep doing music journalism. Or even just keep going to these festivals.

Also, it occurred to me how lucky we are as a city to have not one but two festivals like this a year. I know we miss all the big ones like Bonnaroo, Glastonbury and Lollapalooza, but really, I’d much rather the festivals we have (for the most part). We are so lucky that 500 bands played right here and we can just walk out our front doors and see them. That’s just one great thing about Canadian music. I only wish for the rest of the Canadian cities to have something so cool.

What did you think of NXNE? Leave your discussions here, we’ll compare notes! Or tweet @comfortinwords.


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