RSS Reads For: June 5-15

Here is enough music news to keep your appetite at bay — this week we’ve got a ton of music industry headlines, and none of them are bad! How great is that?

But first, here’s some awesome random stories:

Congrats to CBC Radio 3 for going 100% Canadian!

Just in time for all the Polaris hype (long list out today!) Chad Vangaalen has been leaving tracks and trails to his new alter ego, Black Mold.

As for something that’s been really covered this week, it’s Julie Doiron Day.

1,623 Canadian guitarists failed to break a Guinness World Record – and it’s just all too ironic they were set to play a song called “Helpless” – but hey – we’re still proud!

Le Tigre are back …. and working with Christina Aguilera? This could actually be quite an interesting record.

Remember Jesse Sandoval? No, you probably don’t. He was recently kicked out of the Shins, but made light of the situation by… opening a food cart. Well it turns out that this food cart is quite the serious business. Also props to MTV and Pitchfork for figuring out he wasn’t the first to do this. Poor Sandoval.

Kenny Loggins is rewriting Feist’s “1, 2, 3, 4” for a kids album. That’s totally cool unless it’s one of those creepy kids albums you see commercials for when little girls are gyrating singing “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.”

Something awesome happened this week and that’s the Monsters of Folk. Minus the craptacular name, it’s the “supergroup” formed between Conor Oberst, Jim James, M Ward, and … who’s that other guy? Mike Mogis.

And here’s all the music industry news:

North by East West will be creating a musician 911 list.

Polyvinyl is trying to save 10,000 CDs from a terrible fate.

Want to know how to have great success at your band’s merch table?

Vinyl sales are up 50%?!?!

The National Post has got a good look out for this week’s upcoming festival NXNE, by way of 4 different industry types.

That’s it for this week’s music news.

This week, keep an eye out for all of my North by Northeast (NXNE) updates here and on Twitter.


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