Take a Look: Lars Ludvig Lofgren

Welcome to this blog’s first edition of Take a Look. There were two editions on my former blog, and you can see them here.

Today I bring you a Swedish gem named Lars Ludvig Lofgren.

There’s a little back story to this. One of my roommates has been on exchange over in Sweden. She went to a show one day and saw this guy. Thought he was good. Forgot about it for a while, until she went to a festival and he was there. They bonded. She tells me this. She sends me his MySpace profile.

I can see why she is fond of him. His blog is really sweet, where he mentions that fans at his show in Vanersborg could speak with Canadians. Also, I’m not sure if it was auto-translated or he did it himself, but I like that he “baptizes” songs.

Lofgren sings in English and plays in that usual modern hippy-poppy way. The most obvious comparison I can think of at the moment is Sam Roberts. We’re fans of Sam and now we’re fans of Lars. Lofgren’s songs are hopeful and dreamy, but it has that underlying sense of reality to it. That little voice saying “oh, I wish for this good time/ I’m nostalgic for that time, but… let’s be true.” His blog does the trick: “Soul is something that you feel from within, and you do it spontaneously. It’s not something that you learn to do, and it’s not something that you read and you do it. You have to have a natural feeling for it.”

Karlstad, Sweden in March

Karlstad, Sweden in March

It’s good to see music like this coming out of a place like Karlstad. I visited in March – it’s a tiny town where nobody works but nobody does much else. They ride their bikes around and wait for the sunny weather. I assume that right now it must be beautiful there.

Listen to “Opportunity Knocks,” “Candy Rome,” and “Round Your Heart” all found on his MySpace.

Like Lars Ludvig Lofgren? Know of any other good Svedes? Let me know!


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