Dog Day play in-store performance in Toronto

Yesterday after work, I rushed over to Soundscapes to catch the beginning of Dog Day‘s in-store performance. I couldn’t stay long because I had to rush off again to a play my roommate worked on, called Hansel and Gretel Losing it in the Woods (take the name seriously – it was the trippiest and artsiest thing I’ve seen maybe ever).

Anyways, it took a bit for Dog Day to set up which I figured would happen, but once they started out it was great. I had been listening to their album Concentration all day and I was stoked just to be there for a few minutes. Dog Day is a great little Canadian band from Halifax, NS. They combine great shoegaze chord progressions and Seth’s vocals remind me of a best friend’s reassuring and concerned speeches while Nancy’s are like a little bird that sits on your shoulder. Concentration definitely has a more up-beat tone to it than Night Group did, and I like it. But let’s never forget the wonderful track “Lydia.”

This was the first legitimate musical gathering I’ve been to since returning from London a month ago; I’m not counting the random country band at the Dakota last week followed by sitting at the Press Club listening to a woman play pretty bad acoustic songs. That was just entertainment. It’s sad how many great concerts I have missed since being back and how many I’ve missed out getting tickets to. Thus why I like in-stores.

Dog Day garnered a hefty crowd within the first three songs, which made me smile. I noticed a couple familiar faces. It was also the first time I’ve been in Soundscapes since being back. I’ll have to return soon – it’s definitely my favourite Toronto music store.

Here’s a video for “You Won’t See Me On Sunday,” off of their latest album, Concentration.

Was anybody else there? What did you think? How was the rest of the show? Do you like their latest album? Post your comment here or email or tweet at me @comfortinwords.


2 thoughts on “Dog Day play in-store performance in Toronto

  1. Hi there,

    I hope you don’t mind but I’ve provided a link on my blog for people to check out your Dog Day @ Soundscapes video. I’m so glad someone there had the good sense to capture it, as I thoughtlessly left my camera at home. Concentration is a great album.


    • Hi Ryan, thanks for the support! Hopefully I’ll be having another Dog Day video coming soon, I’ve been trying to fight against my internet speed! Check back soon 🙂

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