Watch some great Black Cab Sessions

A website that I’m really fond of is Black Cab Sessions. They’re based in London, and take musicians for rides in the iconic black cabs. The musicians do their little crafy performances, they bump along to the London streets and the taxi drivers are thrilled. I wish I knew about it when I was in London so I could try and acost one (kidding….) because these are really nice and funny anecdotes of music that are on the same page as the Take Away Shows.

Once in a while, I’ll post a few videos that I find really charming. For now, watch these.

My Morning Jacket. This video is beautiful. Jim James sings “Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Part II” and fails to harmonize correctly with his bandmate. At the end he has a modest attempt to talk to the driver, and then he has an awkward interaction with someone outside looking in.

Grizzly Bear. I’d say this is even prettier than MMJ. You can tell the band is tired, but they are spot on in their playing. You can’t hear a mistake, this is flawless. Their singing doesn’t fall out of beat with potholes and their harmony just flows together. This video makes me really eager for Veckatimest to be released. I remember reading something somewhere, Ed Droste was explaining how their past records were more of an experimental path, but on this upcoming album they really went for it. And I think the results are going to be, and already are, huge. Have you seen the new video for “Two Weeks” yet? Check it here, it’s very strange. PS in the cab video you can see for a short second, an example of chains in London. It’s a little sickening.

Jens Lenkman. I remember watching this video after I came back from a trip to Sweden. All that trip, I had Jens’ tunes in my head and fantasized about him sitting next to me on the bus and I would have never known. Jens plays this video with only a kalimba and his precious voice. Just go watch the voice and swoon, will you?

Next time: We’ll take a look at Toronto’s version of Black Cab Sessions, the Transit Tapes. This idea = genious, I say.


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